Learning curve

29 July, 2008 at 10:45 am (spinning)

So my dear tsocktsarina learned to spin on a drop spindle at about the same time (actually a little bit after) I did, and took to it like a fish to water, prompting all sorts of jealousy from me and my super ridiculous beginner yarn. She then struggled for like two seconds on her wheel before going straight back to perfection, damn her. But I decided that I could totally do better than that tsilly tsarina. I could make the transition from spindle to wheel totally effortlessly, and spin super awesome yarn on my first go.

Lumpy bumpy super ridiculous beginner yarn. Oh well. I guess it’s a good thing that I enjoy the learning process.

But wait, you say! When did Jesh get a wheel? Well, I visited my dear friend Pixisis this weekend, and in the process of all the cleaning we never did quite get to, it was noted that she had two wheels sitting all alone and unused in her basement. So, I am borrowing one for the time being, and loving it up a bit to keep it in working condition. It’s an Ashford Traditional, good for beginners, probably won’t be my first choice when I buy my own wheel because I prefer the look of castle style wheels, but I can learn on it just fine. The poor thing needs the love, though—I spent two hours yesterday feeding the pale, dried out wood back to a warm glowy shine with a whole lot of tung oil (my hands are still a little sticky). Here’s the whole thing, along with most of the yarn that I yoinked from Pixisis’ free to a good home destash:

(And before you lament for her, giving away so much yarn like that, she still has, among other things, 133 gallons of EL silky wool, 25 gallons of Artyarns, 19 gallons of Malabrigo, and untold amounts of sock yarn.)

So now I’ve got quite a few things to keep me busy: practicing on the wheel, working on my KH cardigan, that pair of socks that I need to finish, preparing for the Ravelympics, and of course, I need to go through and photograph all of my new yarn for my Ravelry stash. That may take me a while.



  1. loopykd said,

    Hey don’t knock that handspun. It’s even and consistent and very well done. Be proud! My first wasn’t so nice.

  2. AJ said,

    Would you mind introducing me to Pixisis? I’d love to stock up like you! XD

  3. elizabeth m said,

    I think you’re doing just fine on the learning to spin on a wheel front. Really, you’re being too hard on yourself.

  4. Tsock Tsarina said,

    What in tarnation are you beating yourself over the head for, my girl? Them’s some mighty nice singles you got going there. And when I saw that whack of yellow/blue you posted a while back? I just assumed you’d been spinning for a long time.

    (Purty wheel and mighty purty cat, too. And I’m Jell Us that you know pixisis IRL.)

  5. Ellen said,

    i can has little spindle to practice one of these days? ❤

  6. SylverX said,

    I like that first handspun! I also like that traditional, very nice.

  7. Spindle Imp said,

    Don’t knock the Ashford Traddie or Shewearsfunnyhats and I might just have to tie you up again. I LOVE MY ASHFORD TRADDIE!!!!!!!!!

    Well done….great first go!

    *spindle wanders off to play with her ashford traditional*

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