Change of plans (again)

7 August, 2008 at 12:10 pm (knitting)

After ten hours (no I’m not kidding, ten hours) of seaming, I finished the cardigan.


(A full-on FO post is coming next week, when I can persuade E to help me get modeled pictures of the thing.)

Problem is, since I’ve just come off this huge project, I don’t have much interest in doing another one. But there’s this game, see, that starts tomorrow—the Ravelympics, perhaps you’ve heard of it? The point of it (to me) is to commit to one huge project and do the whole thing in just over two weeks. And now I don’t know what to do.

The original plan was to knit the cardigan seen above, but I got impatient and knit it early. And perhaps it wouldn’t’ve been the best challenge, because finishing it in 17 days really wasn’t that much of a challenge. I took a few days off, even. So then the plan was to spin the yarn for and knit a pair of socks. But now I’m concerned that 1) that won’t be a challenge in the slightest and 2) other than the practice stuff I have, the roving that I was planning to use is really the last bit that I have. Why should I rush through it? That seems a bit silly. And yet, I can’t find any other suitable project. And I have less than eleven hours to find one.

Possibly, the problem is that I knit too fast. A sweater? Just finished one in 17 days. Design and knit a pair of socks? Did that in a week, last time. So I think the proper solution may be a series of smaller projects—perhaps several pairs of socks? Or some socks and some mittens. Or several pairs of mittens. You can see where the challenge comes in.

Maybe my event should be project picking, since that seems to be plenty complicated for me.



  1. etcgirl said,

    Lace. Shawl. Lace. Shawl. Lace. Shawl. Lace. Shawl. Lace. Shawl. Lace. Shawl. Lace. Shawl.


  2. stickyfingers said,

    Dude, LOVE that sweater . . .
    . . . should you ever decide you don’t want it . . . 😉

    Seriously, I know what you’re saying. Back in the pre-baby days (you know, a whole 32 days ago) I could knit like the wind. 17 days was not a challenge. I think Etcgirl may have the answer.

  3. jewlbal3 said,

    Very nice work on this sweater — love the color and the style; can’t wait to see more pics!

    Boy your a fast knitter! What I lack is some serious TIME!

  4. glittrgirl said,

    Looks lovely! What a gorgeous colour.

  5. florapie said,

    Well, your ten hours of seaming comment has totally turned me off making that sweater, which is too bad, because it was on my list of favourites.

    I’m thinking your challenge needs to be something with lots of colours in skinny yarn-like a real Bohus sweater. Or something like Soo’s crazy Kaffe Fasset jacket that took her 30 years. Seems to me you’d knock off lace in no time.

  6. RedScot said,

    Cardi = beautiful!

  7. Vicki said,

    Ten hours! That is why I have only done top down so far. Beautiful cardigan!

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