Ravelympic handspun Tuesday

19 August, 2008 at 1:19 pm (spinning)

That’s right, folks! After an extremely intense plying session in which I managed to break both my only bobbin and my brake band (solved with fast drying elmer’s glue and some nylon beading wire, respectively), I have finished my Ravelympic yarn.


I can’t even begin to describe how soft and squishy this stuff is. I’m almost tempted to leave it unknitted for a while so that I can just show the yarn off to everyone I meet. I wonder if my mailman would like to squeeze my skein. Seriously though, I’ve got this sitting on one side of me and a ball of DIC Smooshy on my other side, and guess which is softer and squooshier? That’s right. My yarn. My very own handspun yarn.


I accomplished the super-squooshyness by underspinning my singles (to the point where I was concerned that they would fall apart in some places) and then over-plying them so that all the extra bounce would be trapped in the ply. And it worked splendidly, if I do say so myself. On the whole I think it’s obvious that I still have a lot to learn, but at this point I think I’m generally happy with the yarn that I’m turning out, even if it’s not yet quite as even and consistent as I’d like it to be.

Started: 3.9 oz of rambouillet from Flawful Fibers in bloodstone.
Finished: 310 yds of 15wpi 3-ply, spindle spun and wheel plied.
On Ravelry thisaway.




  1. fiberfiend6891 said,

    Looks gorgeous!

  2. Kristine said,

    wow! that is really pretty.

  3. Beverly said,

    When I saw the first picture, my first thought was “ooooo, how squooshy-looking!”

  4. Ellen said,

    well, if he doesn’t i sure would *WINK* rofl, kidding

    gorgeous colours!

  5. elizabeth m said,

    Isn’t 3-ply the best? Great job you did on that. It looks delicious!

  6. Swatch « Jeshknits said,

    […] fibery plans for this summer are starting to look awfully familiar. First I decided to take on an epic spinning project and now I’m planning a lace cardigan. Of course, me being me, I’ve upped the challenge […]

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