Finish Line

24 August, 2008 at 10:19 am (caturday, FO, knitting)

Trying to photograph one’s own hands is a challenge unto itself, especially when one’s gloves are still slightly damp.


I can’t say these are the best things ever; I had to rush through them and it shows—they would’ve been amazing with a bit more planning. As it is they’re certainly serviceable (and soft! holy cow are they soft), and a great learning experience on 1) how to knit gloves and 2) why I shouldn’t procrastinate.

So, Things I Learned While Knitting These Gloves:

1. Fingers take longer to knit than I think they will.
1a. Thus, gloves are not, in fact, faster than socks.

2. Using a provisional cast on every time I needed to cast on at finger joins and pick up stitches in that area later was brilliant, and a trick that I will definitely use again.
2a. This trick tends to pull said joins up higher than they would normally sit otherwise, so I should knit the hand shorter and the fingers longer accordingly, next time.
2b. I have really small hands and really long fingers. (I’ve been told this for years, but it’s finally managed to sink in.

3. I have some (comparatively) tiny wrists that come to their narrowest just before my hand starts widening.
3a. I should, therefore, decrease at that point just a smidge to prevent a bunch of floppy fabric from bunching there.

4. Dude, if you’re doing something on a deadline, and that deadline is fast approaching, you literally cannot do it later. There is no room for deferring.
4a. That didn’t stop me from procrastinating at every turn and even taking entire days off in the middle of the Ravelympics to work on other things, or sometimes even do nothing at all.


Pattern: my own (and by that I mean I winged it, not that I actually wrote a pattern)
Yarn: my own (seriously, you guys. These are so, so soft.)
Needles: US3/3.25mm Addi Turbos
On Ravelry here.
Kitty is unimpressed. But what else is new?



  1. turtlegirl76 said,

    They look fantastic! Love the color. You can see the sproing in the yarn. Well done!

  2. Ellen said,

    these would make the best, most deliciously warm toe socks. by far!

  3. glittrgirl said,

    Great job! They look lovely.

  4. RedScot said,

    Gloves!!!! They are GOOOOD!

    And you winged-it? Good BOB! And the yarn looks scrumptious!

    Nice one, Jesh!

  5. SylverX said,

    Di-did you take my hands while I slept?? My hands are the same way! I have these small palms and long fingers(probably from all the typing. . .)! Not only that, I also have twigs for wrists. 😛 How weird. Perhaps we are sisters seperated at birth??

  6. artkid said,

    *POKE* p.s. needs a shameless plug ;D haha

  7. Batty said,

    I think we have the same hands. Your gloves fit very well, the colors are stunning, and I don’t see any major bagging and sagging. And kitty looks playful! Watch out, kitties loooove knitting.

  8. Vicki said,

    I have not even attempted gloves yet, and you are designing your own! They look very nice and give me some inspiration to try making a pair of gloves myself. Thank you for the tips.

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