High Tech

9 September, 2008 at 10:06 pm (knitting, spinning)

That’s right, my knitting and I have gone super high tech.

Or not. The chart for the tapestry cowl is so complex and irregular (which is a part of what makes it so gorgeous, I think) that even I of Never Ever Using Stitch Markers am using quite a few to mark my place, and crossing off each ten stitch section as I finish it. This slows down my knitting considerably, but the few times I’ve tried to keep going without crossing off a section I’ve managed to mess the thing up and not realise ’til half a row later, at which point I’ve had to go back and redo the section anyway. And it’s kind of gratifying to watch lines disappear from my chart as they appear in my knitting.


I also finished spinning up that lovely angora/cormo blend, and got 280yds out of the one ounce of fiber.

I was considering plying it but the judgement of my friends on Plurk prevailed—it will stay as a laceweight single, and I think I can get a flared lace smoke ring out of it.

Words cannot describe how powdery soft this stuff is.


1 Comment

  1. Amanda said,

    That cowl looks so intricate and gorgeous! Kudos to you for developing a system to keep on track.

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