20 September, 2008 at 7:22 pm (knitting)

A few things that didn’t make it into the FO post:

This is all the leftover yarn I had. Yes, I was totally biting my nails in panic near the end.

When grafting stitches (especially such large amounts of stitches) I usually try to graft them very loosely and sloppily, and then go back and tighten/neaten everything up. I know most people find kitchener stitch to be annoying or difficult or obnoxious, but I find it incredibly soothing. There’s a wonderful rhythm to it—knit-off purl, purl-off knit. Knit-off purl, purl-off knit. Of course, sometimes I get a little too into the rhythm… and mess it up.



And when I discover this after I’ve already finished all the actual grafting, at the neaten up phase? I may be pretty finicky about some mistakes (I laddered down 13 rows on this thing to fix a stitch that was accidentally purled), but not that much. It’s stayin’. We’ll call it a signature.

(Caturday will make a weekday appearance this week; we have new foster kittens but they’re too shy to say hello right now.)


1 Comment

  1. whichendisup said,

    It’s funny when you end up with so little yarn. On one hand it’s awesome — exactly what you needed. And on the other, exactly as you said, nail biting at the end.

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