23 September, 2008 at 11:32 am (caturday, knitting)

I’m not usually one for making the same pattern more than once, just because I get bored and distracted easily, and also, have you seen my queue? It is endless. But I haven’t knit a pair of Pomatomus for myself, and the pair that I did knit was done several years ago. Plus, you know, the pattern’s really fun. I am a sucker for heavily textured socks.


Here are the foster kittens, as promised—they are still unnamed because their two operating modes currently are ‘hiding’ and ‘napping,’ which hasn’t left much room for personality to show through. They’re about 6 weeks, as far as we know.

Cute, eh? I hope I don’t get too attached.

(I put a new bottom whorl spindle up in my etsy store the other day. I hope to have another one or two ready this evening.)



  1. LittleWit said,

    Yummy green! 🙂 I want that as a neck warmer. Just saying 🙂

  2. preita said,

    Oh that green is the perfect color! LOVE it!!!

  3. Eleanor (undeadgoat) said,

    Wow, that spindle is gorgeous . . . My spindle has an unbalanced hook, and it really needs replacing, so I suppose I ought to be searching Etsy for something within my budget . . .

  4. artkid said,


    yo, jesh gets me some copies of this pitchers, my co-worker’s friend loves teh kitties and wants a photo of them cause they’re cutes.

    hi i’m bored.

    also, that is the most beautiful green yarn. ever.

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