More of the same

28 September, 2008 at 6:51 pm (caturday, knitting)

There comes a point in the knitting of a pair of socks, somewhere after the first one is finished but before the second one is complete, wherein it becomes unbloggable, because dude, you’ve already seen one sock cuff, and leg, and heel turn, and foot. You really don’t need to see the other unless they’re both completed and nicely photographed.

To which I say, too damn bad! Here’s a sock and a half.
Please note how the spiraling actually matches despite absolutely zero intervention on my part to make it all align properly. We’ll see if it lasts over the heel turn and foot.

Other than socking I’ve been busy with a few secret projects and more spindle making:

(This one is spoken for. Sorry! But there are some more new ones up in my etsy shop)

And, you know, catting around. Just more of the usual stuff.



  1. cartoongoddess said,

    What a great pattern! Beautiful!

  2. Darx said,

    Cat. So. Cute.

  3. LittleWit said,

    Your spindles are gorgeous.

  4. Carol said,

    Very nice socks. and a sock and a half is totally bloggable. As you proved. The spindles are stunning. And the kitty is totally cute!

  5. Dee said,

    Sorry if this comment posts twice–

    Love the socks and the shoes. What brand of shoes are those? I have a horrible addiction to Mary Jane’s and those look comfortable and gorgeous. Thanks.

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