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30 September, 2008 at 10:41 pm (life, spinning)

So you may have heard of this thing, a small gathering, the New York Sheep and Wool festival, also sometimes called Rhinebeck. You may have also heard of the lovely Jen and Lisa of the infamous tsock flock kits. These ladies of course have a fabulous booth at Rhinebeck, full of yarn and kits and all sorts of good things. And this year, they will also have spindles.

As made by yours truly.

Which means of course that I am now in a mad scramble to get as many spindles made in the next 18 17 days as I possibly can. This unfortunately means that knitting content will be scarce until I get things all wrapped up; I’ll try to keep things interesting ’round here but I can’t promise nothin’. You all enjoy pictures of me accidentally gluing my hands to things, right?

In any case, I’m very excited by this whole scheme, although details are still emerging as to how it’s all going to go down. But if you’ll be at Rhinebeck, please come visit! We’ll be in booth 26D. And there will be peanut butter cookies!



  1. Ktb38 said,

    YAH! that’s great!!!!!!!!! Congrats Jesh!!!!!!

  2. Guro said,

    Congrats! Your spindles are awsome!

  3. LittleWit said,

    Congratulations! Rhinebeck should be a blast. I wish I could go. 🙂

  4. Karen said,

    Spindles AND pb cookies? I’m so in. 🙂


  5. Nancy said,

    Congrats! That’s wonderful for you.

  6. stickyfingers said,

    HOLY CRAP! That’s amazing Jesh! So excited for you!! Exclamation marks!!

  7. Nancy said,

    Woo Hoo!!!

  8. winter said,

    you will be rocking the hand knitted socks off the place.

  9. whichendisup said,

    Oh Yeah Baby!! congrats! no more glue’d fingers!

  10. Darcy said,

    Sweet, have fun! Just don’t glue yourself to your camera 🙂

  11. limonene said,

    Oh how cool! I’ll be sure to stop by and say hello.

  12. Eleanor (undeadgoat) said,

    So does that mean it’ll be a while before there’s new spindles up on Etsy? 😦 I think I’m going to buy one after my next paycheck, and I’d love to drop a little more money on a really pretty one rather than just plain wood.

  13. RedScot said,

    wahey! Spindles and socks. All marvellous! Lovely news, Jesh!

  14. Erika said,

    Awesome news! You’re going to be a big hit.

    Make sure you stock up the shop too!

  15. Tsock Tsarina said,

    So… *HOW* many days till R-word again, hmmmmmm…? 😉

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