Work, work, work

7 October, 2008 at 4:38 pm (knitting, life, spinning)

Spindle parts finally arrived, and it’s been non-stop work since then. I have nine spindles completely built, including these two:

(hand-painted carnelian, .8oz)

(hand-painted quartz, .7oz)

There are also five in various stages of completion, three waiting to be started, and three for which I am still missing some pieces. There’s something totally nervewracking, yet thrilling, about doing this kind of hurry up and finish your deadline is a week ago kind of work. The panic of hoping something will work and then thrill of it actually doing so is excellent.

Of course it doesn’t leave much time for my seekrit test knitting projects, like this one:

(well I said it was a secret, didn’t I?)

but fortunately the designers I’m working with are all quite understanding about the insanity that’s currently going on.


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