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21 October, 2008 at 9:57 pm (travel)

This post features lots of pictures. Including pictures not belonging to me (but taken with permission). You’ve been warned.

So what did I do at Rhinebeck? I saw lots of friends, new and old (but only managed to get pictures of a few of them)
maryheather cydandnancy
kateandgretchen keandkf

(I stole a bunch of these pictures. The owners know who they are.)

I kinneared the Harlot while she was chatting with Lisa and Jen,

and also went over during the book signing to get a copy of her latest and chat for a bit. She is the most charming woman. I think being Canadian has something to do with it; I also met briefly with Amy Singer, who was equally as fantastic and charming. And when I introduced myself as a knittyboarder she said she knew me from my spindles!

(picture courtesy of Erica)
If you saw me walking around with or pulling out a can of coffee, and were wondering what the hell I was doing with it…

mary-heather and the peanut butter cookie
(picture courtesy of Kathe)
there were peanut butter cookies inside! I made about 75 cookies and all of them were gone by the end of the party on Saturday night. Next year I promise I will make more.

I got some Rav swag, and some Knitty swag, and some Twist Collective swag, and won a raffle prize at the Ravelry party (a year’s subscription to Crochet Today. I suppose that’s one way to improve my crochet skills!)

And then, tired and exhausted, I hauled all of my stuff home, minus 17 spindles and all of the peanut butter cookies, but plus several pounds of fiber and lots of happy memories. Next post will contain all the things I bought!

(PS I am restocking my spindle supplies as we speak, and the four leftover from the show will be going up on etsy as soon as I can find the words to describe them. “Drop spindle, iz pretty, makes yarn” is all my poor, fried brain can come up with at the moment.)

(PPS I know someone has pictures of the Holiday Yarns booth complete with my spindle setup, but that person is not me. Big, huge, giant hugs and thanks to both Jen and Lisa for hosting my spindles and putting up with me. You ladies are the best.)


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