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23 October, 2008 at 5:24 pm (knitting, life, spinning, travel)

Purchasing was light this year, due to both money restraints and time restraints—every time I would turn around someone else wanted to say hello or chat or show me this or go to this gathering and it wasn’t until I woke up on Sunday morning that I realised I’d only bought two things on Saturday. Of course, the two that I bought were particularly fantastic things: A Kitri kit and a Vintage leaf kit! I’m too lazy to get pictures—imagine your normal every day average sock and leaf kits but ten times more amazingly awesome. Then you have these.

Funny story about the procuring of both these kits, though. I knew going in that I wanted me some leaves, and found out when I got there that the colours inside each kit were random—two green, two brown/orange/yellow. So I went rummaging through the kits trying to find one with the perfect four colours for me, and finally I gave up and said to Tsocky, I’m breaking open these kits to pick my own damn colours. To which she responded, yeah sure whatever.

Then, as I was just deciding that I wanted a Kitri kit as well, I heard Jen say that they were gone. Sold out. What!? But they can’t be gone, because I wanted one and didn’t get one and I really really wanted one… sob! But then, lo and behold, hidden behind some something or other, someone found four more kits. Jen was nice enough to set one aside for me. So it is mine! All mine! *cackle*

Ahem. Moving on.

So Sunday was comparatively my big purchasing day, although I still picked a few quality things rather than going overboard with quantity. First I scored some signed books and pretended I was cool by chattering with famous people.

Then, the dear and darling Dan basically said “Hey! Look at this pretty stuff I just bought! Don’t you want some?” to which I replied “Hell yes,” and we journeyed to the Sheep Shed/Mountain View Farm booth, where I snagged a large amount of kickass and inexpensive roving. We’ve got merino/tussah…

Some straight up solid coloured merino…

And some gorgeous heathered corriedale

which I already sampled as a 3-ply sportweight

(The colour is much closer in the other picture. I don’t know why my camera sucks so much at capturing greens.)

There was also a small gift from my dear Pixisis of some alpaca/silk…
in what is definitely not a usual colour for me, but I’ve managed to fall in love with it anyway. Pink? Really? Really.

And that’s all I got! It was a fantastic time and I don’t think my vocal cords will ever be the same, after talking and laughing and generally enjoying myself so much. Counting down the days ’til we can do it again next year!



  1. orata said,

    I love the color of that alpaca/silk!

  2. Ktb38 said,

    Roving! Mine?
    Also, you don’t have any photos of me!!

  3. RedScot said,

    Wow – a haul full of win!

  4. LittleWit said,

    The fiber you bought is very pretty. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! 🙂

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