Come and get ’em!

8 November, 2008 at 3:44 pm (caturday, knitting, spinning)

Some new spindles have gone up in my shop with more to come early next week. Assuming these don’t all sell right away I’m hoping to finally be at the point where I can keep a constant level of stock in there.

In knitting news, I’m still entrelacking away. I’d guess that I’m a quarter or a fifth of the way through at this point; I have five balls of this yarn and I’ve just broken into the second, but I’m not sure if I’ll use all of it.

(And before someone asks, yes, it is hanging from my wall. What, the rest of you don’t randomly hang your WIPs on unused picture hooks?)

We have new foster cats,

Although my beloved little Oolong is also returning to us—and will be living in my room for a while. That should be interesting.



  1. Carol said,

    It shall be interesting to see if Oolong returns to her cuddly ways. Cause if shedoes, then the family was wrong for her.

  2. Alex said,

    Aww, what cute cats! And the entrelac looks pretty, too.

  3. Akknitter said,

    Hopefully Oolong will be happier back with you. I don’t think she’ll mind being stuck in your room.

  4. LittleWit said,

    Hmm, I think I like your photography style. Perhaps I should hang some WIPs on the wall.

  5. stickyfingers said,

    zomg dude — your spindles never cease to take my breath away. I have to restrain myself every time I look at them.

    Hee your new foster kitty looks like (s)he has a dirty face! How cute!

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