Life With Cats

22 November, 2008 at 7:24 pm (caturday, knitting, life)

Things I can no longer do in my room:
1. Knit.

Despite Oolong’s attempts to chew on my yarn and needles at every opportunity, I’ve gotten a few more tiers done on the neverending entrelac scarf. I’ve got to speed up a bit though, since there are other things I need to get to that I can’t start ’til this is done.

2. Sleep. Because nothing is more fun than a cat pouncing on your feet at midnight. And 3am. And 6am. And 9am. And any time that you may be trying to get some rest.

3. Spin.

Since Oolong has taken an extreme liking to all things a) moving and b) fibery, I’ve had to take my spinning upstairs to the wheel, where I’ve been working on some qiviut. I only have an ounce of this stuff so I’m trying to really get as much out of it as possible—spinning long draw into superfine singles, which I’ll turn into 2-ply once I’m done.

4. Eat. If I have to defend one more sandwich, bowl of soup, or plate of pasta from this crazy cat I may just go crazy myself.

5. Get any work done. Oolong, with her aforementioned fondness of spinny things, also likes to chew on spindle components whenever I sit down to work. So, not as many spindles built this week as I would like. Still, I got a few done, and they’ve just gone up in the shop, including a couple with some shorter, smooth tapered shafts that I’m trying out. I’m loving the look and feel on them, and they spin quite well.

6. Blog, apparently. Although this one is probably my own fault; in trying to avoid boring cat talk I’ve ended up posting nothing instead. I promise we will return to regularly scheduled updating shortly.

Really, she’s lucky she’s so cute.



  1. AnnaRenee said,

    You could fold up an extra blanket at the end of your bed and tuck your feet inside it. That’s what I had to resort to when Simon was pouncing on my feet at ALL hours of the night

    In hugs and skittles,

  2. Tsock Tsarina said,

    Does this fall under the heading of “beware what you wish for”?

    Shall I offer to take her off your hands?

    Hmmmm. Thought not.

    She is adorable and the spindles are beautiful.

  3. Joan said,

    She is very cute, I love the tiger and white coloring and the pencil eraser colored nose! Kittens are such trouble, but the cuteness…

  4. Carol said,

    I think it wou;d be hard to bore me with kitty stories…

  5. Ellen said,

    Mmmkay so I need my own cat. My pets are NOT cuddly *sigh*

  6. SylverX said,

    Ouch! That stinks. . .perhaps you could do something so he stays in one room??

  7. lilknitter said,

    I’m so glad Oolong is back with you where she belongs! Even if it is affecting your productivity, she’s totally worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. K said,

    She’s beautiful. โค And looks like she goes from sweet to pounce in about 0.3 seconds.

    Although I sympathise. I see your cat and raise you three more. There is no eating without erecting a forcefield, in this house.

    Fortunately, they just sleep (in my bed) at night. No pouncing.

  9. Alex said,

    Awww, what a pretty kitty. Glad she’s worth all the trouble!

  10. LittleWit said,

    It’s probably better for your overall psyche to not work in your room. ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps Oolong is just trying to teach you that. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. mary said,

    Late to the comments (and of course the Bobble kitty chooses NOW to stand on my chest!) but Oolong is just so adorable.

  12. Lydia (punkcatknitter) said,

    My cat used to do that to my feet when he was a kitten. I lived in fear of accidentally twitching my feet while waking up in the morning. He’s also chewed up a set or two of Brittany birch DPNs (thank GOD for their replacement policy).

    Oh yeah, and he likes to eat my fiber. Nope, he isn’t happy with furballs of his OWN fur…

    Oolong is beautiful though. That’s why we put up with the little boogers….

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