1 December, 2008 at 5:33 am (FO, knitting)

(This would be the part where your usual blogger would offer excuses or perhaps an amusing story as to their unexplained absence. I think we’ve established that I’m not a usual anything, so I’ll just pretend that I’ve totally been posting all week as usual, and hope that my readers haven’t already deleted me from their blogrolls in disgust.)

Yarn: Di’Ve Teseo, just over 4 skeins
Needles: US8/5mm
Notes: I’m not sure I managed to mention even once while I was knitting this that it was a gift, but it was. A dear family member asked me—in the way that people do, without any actual intent—for a scarf, last Thanksgiving. I equivocated at the time—again, as one does, not out of disinterest for the project, but because we hear these requests all the time, without any true interest. “Hey, could you knit me some socks?” “Oh, that sweater is gorgeous. You should make me one!” But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that if any of my relatives (although truth be told, he is my dad’s uncle’s wife’s cousin’s husband, so there is no actual blood relation, but that doesn’t make us any less family) could appreciate a handknit scarf, it would be this one. So I knit him a scarf.

You know the nervous feeling you get when giving a handknit gift? Something that you’ve spent hours, days working on, making sure your selvedges were neat and your ends were woven in nicely? It is ten times worse when the gift is a surprise. I worried that it was too short (even though it was taller than I could reach, easily six and a half feet.) I worried that it was the wrong color (even though, in last year’s “knit me a scarf” discussion, green was brought up as an acceptable hue.) I worried that, like nearly every other “knit me a…” requests I hear, this one, as well, wasn’t actually serious, that my efforts would be met with an “oh, that’s… nice,” and shoved aside not to be talked about again.

Of course, in retrospect, I shouldn’t’ve worried even for a moment. He praised the scarf at every chance and even wore it all through dinner, the threat of any potential harm via gravy spills not even enough to dampen his delight. And I was delighted to see it so well received.

Despite my best intentions, however, I only managed the one FO photo of it. Oh well. The project is here on Ravelry.

(PS because I have, of course, been blogging all week, you all already know about the 15% off sale that’s going on in my shop, but now would be a good time to tell you that it ends at midnight tonight. Want a spindle, but don’t see anything you like? Convo me about a custom order today, and the discount still applies when you pay after your spindle is made.)


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