Emergency knitting

13 December, 2008 at 12:16 pm (caturday, knitting)

I really don’t do knitted gifts—especially not knitted gifts around holiday time. For one thing, I’m terrible with deadlines. For another, I’m pretty flighty with my knitting, casting on and frogging and abandoning things rather frequently. I’d guess that only one in every four projects that I cast on actually get committed to with any seriousness, and only about half of those ever get finished. So, gift knitting, not my thing.


I was playing in a swap game on Ravelry a couple weeks ago and someone offered some LL Shepherd Sport in a nice solid blue shade. I’m not much one for blue, usually, but I absolutely adore the LL Shepherd line so I wasn’t about to let someone else grab it. When it arrived here though, I realized that it is the perfect shade for my sister-in-law, who, oh, incidentally, has a birthday on the 21st.

What was that about deadlines?

The first sock attempt, as seen above, with 60 stitches on US1.5s, was far, far too small–this stitch pattern, despite being rather lacy, has absolutely no give in some areas, thanks to some stacked decreases that act like faux cables. Of course, I was in denial about the non-fitting issue the whole way down the leg, which led to some serious frustration when I finally admitted that it was, in fact, too small, and I would have to start over. I went up to a US2.5, though, and now it’s going swimmingly. If I’m lucky I’ll have them done and ready to mail by mid-week.

(Yes, I am knitting directly from the skein. More on that later this week.)

In other news, I whipped up some new business card prototypes, and now I get to do my (least) favorite part of actually picking one of them to send out to have printed. I’m really liking the lower lefthand corner, but um, I can’t remake that spindle, so I’m afraid it’s a bit of false advertising.

In other other news, I will get a blissful cat-free night on Tuesday, when Oolong goes in for a certain surgical procedure.

(Honestly? I’ll be grateful for the sleep, and she’ll only be gone for 24 hours, but I think I’m gonna miss her like crazy. I really love this little cat.)


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