This is the sock that

3 January, 2009 at 7:11 pm (caturday, knitting, spindles)

does end, actually, although I never would have guessed while I was knitting it. Relatively speaking, it didn’t take too long to complete, but in the foot I got sucked into that black hole of knitting where you keep going around and around and around and around and it never ever gets any longer.


Now I get to block the poor thing (it really needs it, after being knitted so hastily and tried on so many times) and knit its mate.

For those of you who have been stalking the shop for spindle updates, I have a handful of whorls coming in hopefully on Monday, and with any luck the shop will be restocked by the end of next week. In the meantime, I’ve been working on hand-bending my own spindle hooks

with varying levels of success. These all need to be filed and polished still, but I think they’ll work.

I know that several spindle makers who hand-bend their hooks tend to use sterling silver or gold filled wire, but I won’t, for two reasons: one, I think sterling silver spindle hooks is about on par with sterling silver stitch markers, in that it is completely unnecessary to use such a high end and expensive metal for something that’s probably going to take some serious beating. Two, half hard or full hard sterling silver wire is pricey—more than this lowly spindle maker could afford. Instead, I opted for half hard nickel silver wire, which is strong, tarnish-resistant, and much less expensive, so I don’t have to drive up the price of my spindles to use it. Also? Nickel silver is sometimes called ‘alpaca.’ I’m not kidding. Obviously it was meant to be.

As for Oolong, well… her new favorite thing is to wriggle under my comforter while I’m in bed and go to war with my feet. which is adorable when I am awake and reading or somesuch, and can attack her in return, less adorable when I’m trying to sleep and all of a sudden there is a vssshvssshvsssh noise followed by claws in my foot.

But then I wake up and see that little face and I can’t be mad at her at all. Stupid cat.



  1. pdxknitterati said,

    Beautiful sock. But then you have to make a second one!

    Oolong is a cutie!

  2. 'Lista said,

    Love the sock AND the kitty! Although unexpected claws in the feet aren’t among my favorite thing.

  3. Batty said,

    Ah yes, the sock that would not end. I think I’m knitting one of those too. But I really like the colorway, it’s interesting without being crazy colorful. Very pretty and calming.

    Oh, and Oolong is adorable, clawed foot attacks notwithstanding. We made it a point to not get Merlin and Morgana used to attacking hands and feet — little Morgana mauled our real estate agent when we were trying to sell the house, so we decided some feline re-education was called for.

  4. mary said,

    Lovely sock!!! And Oolong is adorable as always. Bobble seems to be growing out of the sleeping foot attack phase so perhaps there is hope for Oolong.

  5. Juli said,

    That’s a cute sock. :3 I’m liking the color. Your comforter looks awesome too… especially with Oolong in it.

  6. artkid said,

    hey knit some toesoks and THEN MAYBE just MAYBE i’ll be impressed….ahaha

  7. Ktb38 said,

    I love the sock!

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