Do Over

29 January, 2009 at 11:10 pm (knitting)

I had to frog the sock foot, not only due to the seam placement issue but also because my stripes were three rounds high—which is fine when one is working in rounds, but when worked flat it makes it impossible to work the stripes without cutting the yarn after each one. Sometimes it really does help to put more than a moment’s thought into a project before casting on. Really.

So, a-frogging I went, and then re-cast on, same toe style and stitch count as before, but with the color-change seam on the right side of the foot, and each stripe four rounds high.

(Oh, hush. You try shoving your foot into a lightbox and getting a good, clear picture.)

This version seems to work just fine, although it took me several attempts to get the heel the way I wanted. And we will not talk about how the foot is a little snug—possibly too short. I am not frogging back again. It’ll end up a little bigger after I block it anyway, right? Right?!



  1. SylverX said,

    (It’ll end up a little bigger after I block it anyway, right? Right?!)

    I don’t know. I’ll go pray to Demeter and Hestia now.(you can tell what I studied in school today, huh?)

  2. silencepainter said,

    I’m sure you can block the sock into submission.

    Sorry you had to frog!

  3. MJ said,

    It looks adorable anyway 😀

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