31 January, 2009 at 7:21 pm (caturday, knitting)


Round and around and around… these socks are getting boring. Fortunately, I’m just about to hit the calf increases, at which point I will a) have no idea what I’m doing, and b) be making things up as I go along, so that should liven things up a bit.

Or I could just let Oolong knit for a while. That would also probably make things more interesting.

(PS Have you checked out the shop lately? Lots of lovely new spindles in there. And I’m making a mail run on Monday—if you snag something now you could be spinning by Wednesday or Thursday.)



  1. pdxknitterati said,

    Tedium, and you’re not even on the second sock, yet! That’s a bad sign…

    Oolong is a gorgeous kitty!

  2. silencepainter said,

    But it is such pretty tedium!

    Oolong is just too cute in that light box.

  3. Batty said,

    Sorry the socks are boring. They sure are pretty, though!
    Oolong wants to help. Oolong wants to chase your yarn. Yes, let Oolong knit!

  4. mary said,

    Those are lovely! I would call them Oolong socks, they remind me of her colouring (well minus the blue).

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