One is the loneliest

7 February, 2009 at 8:13 pm (caturday, knitting)

Let’s add to my already rather large single sock pile, shall we?


I haven’t cast on for its mate yet, although I hope to do so shortly to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome that I seem to succumb to so often. At least when I knit the other half of this pair, I won’t have to redo the foot (twice) and the heel turn (three times) and the leg (only once, but do you see how big that leg is?)

Two things that will be more fully explained in the coming week, though: one, yes, my color changes are invisible. The trick to make this happen in such small stripes is not the usual jogless join, and in fact is much simpler almost to the point of being stupid easy. Two, please admire my nice ribbing in which there are no weird color blips in the purl stitches. It’s another stupid easy trick, although I know I’ve seen this one explained elsewhere—but, I will re-explain it here, hopefully complete with pictures and diagrams and all that other stuff that I never seem to get around to doing, but I will this time, really, I promise. It’s written on my to-do list and everything.

Oolong will make sure I get it done.



  1. peri said,

    Tis a very lovely long sock! I await stripes/rib info with bated breath 🙂

  2. hyperfine said,

    Am I a bad person if I laughed at the cat-with-lampshade-headdress?
    Also, very nice sock.

  3. artkid said,

    To the person above me: NOT IN THE LEAST. I call her spacecat. I put things in front of her she couldn’t get to. That makes me the bad person LOL.

    and dude hurry up and finish that sock because i totally want a pair!! Or…at least some armwarmers in that pattern ❤ it’s gorgeous!

    ❤ elluns

  4. Tsock Tsarina said,

    I know the ribbing trick, but I’m all agog to see what you do for the color changes – have a guess on that but I’m not sure it makes sense.

    Is Oolong really *still* wearing the satellite dish? Poor baby. And yes, the picture *is* funny.

  5. pdxknitterati said,

    Oh, poor Oolong! Not a shred of dignity remaining for this cat…

    I like your stripey sock!

  6. mary said,

    Even in her cone of silence or doom Oolong is still adorable!

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