Now for Something Completely Different

15 February, 2009 at 1:17 pm (spindles, spinning)

I was hoping to have a finished second sock to show you, but I’m not even past the foot, which is pathetic, so how about some Sunday spinning? First up: woolly goodness! I scored 5oz of washed Shetland fleece (among other things) from extremespinning in trade for a spindle, and pictures truly cannot express how gorgeous it is.


The luster, the softness, the gorgeous grey color. Of course I know nothing about processing wool except that I wanted to try it and that I really, really don’t want to mess this fiber up. So I’ve started by using my handcarders, not for their intended purpose, but rather to flick open the locks and arrange them neatly.


Not entirely sure where I’ll go once I finish with this part—I could spin directly from the lock but I’d like to blend the colors a bit. I’d love to be able to comb them but I don’t really have the tools for that. I may end up improvising. In the meantime, I’ve been taking the waste and leftovers from the flicking and carding them into tiny little heathery, nep-filled batts, which will make for some fun tweedy, art yarn type spinning.


I’ve also been putting a good amount of work in on some spindles.

This is everything I have in stock, as well as a few things I haven’t put up yet, and one or two that are reserved. I’m also getting in a whole bunch of new whorls this week, so I’m hoping to actually be able to maintain this level (or higher!) of stock from here on in. Some of the new stuff is awesome, too—like these handthrown pottery whorls, with inlaid glass:

The whole thing just sparkles whenever the light hits it.

(No caturday this week. All the cats have run off and joined the circus.)

(Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.)


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