Saturday is for Spinning

21 February, 2009 at 1:17 pm (caturday, spinning)

I haven’t really done much of any spinning in the past two months, and my fiber stash is beginning to overflow. To change that, I’m instituting a new rule—weekends are for spinning. Not that I can’t knit, but I should devote as much possible time to getting something spun up and ready to transfer to the yarn stash. So, first up on today’s spinning agenda is the yarn that I’ve been “working on” (read: not working on at all) for the past couple of months: teal superwash merino, .8oz spindle. I’m aiming for a three-ply fingering or light fingering by the end, but I have a looong way to go.


I think that, rather than separating the roving by weight or length, and then hoping that each section comes out to the same amount of singles, I’m going to spin up a bunch (maybe a dozen or so) of smaller lengths of singles, and then just add them in as needed when I go to ply. I keep referring to this in my head as the ‘cut and paste’ method, although I’m sure it has a real name out there somewhere.

The other fiber that I’ve started to work up today is some pink heathered corriedale, which matches the spindle it’s on quite well. I’m aiming for fingering weight singles here, which will hopefully get me a good, squooshy DK two-ply.


This color is a bit of a departure from my usual greens and blues and greys, but I’m liking it anyway. It’s very spring-y, unlike our current weather.

And Oolong is, of course, thrilled that I am spinning again, because it means more things for her to play with!

(Although I’m fairly certain that even people in California can hear me yelling things like, “No! Don’t chew on the spindle! Stop clawing my roving! Back away from the spinning!”)


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