Sundays are for Slacking

1 March, 2009 at 6:15 pm (caturday, knitting, spindles, travel)

There’s a snowstorm coming in tomorrow, and somehow knowing that I won’t be able to do any of my errands then makes me less motivated to get anything done now. Which leaves me without much blog fodder. I did take a road trip yesterday, but there’s nothing much to tell about it other than the supplies I picked up while I was there—spindle whorls!

These will be turned into spindles and put up in the shop as quickly as I am able, but it may be a week or two before I get to them all, since I’m out of wire for my hooks and a few other things are about to need re-ordering, too.

While I was there I also got to hang out with some friends, one of whom took this picture of me with the Still Unfinished Striped Sock:

Just past the start of the calf increases and totally stalled. This sock is boring. Everyone who has asked to copy the stripey socks, please feel free (especially since I didn’t invent the idea), but I implore you, do not make them knee socks. They. Are. Endless.

But I will finish it. I will. Velocity’s even promised to keep me on-task.



  1. ktb38 said,

    I love that photo of you and the sock. whoever took it is amazing;) I love the blue-green whorl in the top left.

  2. SylverX said,

    OMG I love the whorls! I may just need to save up my money to buy one of them. . .
    WORK ON THE SOCK!! If you’re reading this, then you’re not working on it! And imagine all the compliments you’ll get!
    Also: Thank god for the snow; hopefully I won’t have school tomorrow. 😛

  3. nerdclub2000 said,

    I like your pintsize shirt 🙂

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