I think I can

7 March, 2009 at 11:21 pm (caturday, knitting)


96 rounds to go. I think I can.

Kitty Carlisle doesn’t agree, though.

“Oh please, kittengirl. You never finish anything.”



  1. cassandramarie said,

    These are gorgeous! I only recently took an interest in socks (since I rarely wear them) but it occured to me that I should knit some knee socks as I actually wear those.

    Did you use a pattern or make your own? And how did you work the stripes to seem like they are changing colors? Very impressive, and completely awesome 🙂

  2. fiberfiend6891 said,

    GO! GO! GO!

  3. Stickyfingers said,

    96 rounds? You can totally crank that out! Those socks can be finished in ONE DAY! Wouldn’t it be nice to have them on your feet instead of on your mind?

  4. artkid said,

    MEEPY! ❤

    COME ON JESH! YOU GOTTA FINISH IT!!! Then you can start on a pair for me, of course!
    Go jeeeeeesh, go jeeeeesh it’s your birthday *dance dance* go jeeeeeeesh!

    When you finish this you are going to be so proud and excited to show these off. You might even wear *GASP* SHORTS in order to show them off better. ;D

  5. Tsock Tsarina said,

    Mmmmm, stockinette. How do you tear yourself away? ;-p

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