17 March, 2009 at 4:21 am (knitting)

This post could also be titled, “Sometimes Jesh Does Not Think These Things Through.”

So I’m working with Kauni EQ (the rainbow one) on this baby sweater, and I knew when I cast on that I wanted to start with two colors right next to each other on the spectrum, so that the whole thing would be nice and coordinating as it shifted through hues. And it worked! See?


What I totally failed to take into account is that now I have a body knit in blue, green, yellow, and orange, and the yarn I have left for the sleeves and ribbing is yellow, orange, red, and purple. Coordinating? Not so much.

I figure my two choices at this point are to:
A) Knit the sleeves in orange (background) and red (foreground), use purple for the ribbing, and pray that it all comes together in some not-clown-barfy kind of way, or

B) Sneak into an LYS tomorrow night and replace the blue/green/yellow/orange sections of one of their skeins with the leftover yarn from mine.

I’ll probably end up going with A. But I’m very, very tempted by option B.


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  1. florapie said,

    I think it’s lovely! And it’s for a baby. And it’s Kauni. That’s what Kauni does. Nobody is going to even notice if a baby has purple cuffs on an orange/yellow/red/green/blue sweater! They will be distracted by the cute elephants and the even cuter baby!

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