Settling In

22 March, 2009 at 1:50 am (caturday, knitting)

Oolong is settling into being a Real Housecat, rather than just a Foster Cat. I think she likes it here.

I am settling into a new project while I wait for my elephant buttons.




  1. Aitara said,

    Oolong looks quite comfortable in her new digs, doesn’t she? Very cute, and hooray for you all!

  2. Ellen said,

    oh hey oolong, miss melty kitten. all being a puddle of adorable on the floor ❤ OOLONG I LUB YOU.

    also, jesh that is my favourite shade of green

  3. Joan said,

    Oolong is so cute!

    Lovely socks, what pattern is it?

  4. SylverX said,

    Say. . .am I wrong, but I found an ad for your spindles. Are you advertising on Ravs, now?

    AWW! Oolong is sooo cute!

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