25 March, 2009 at 3:10 pm (FO, knitting)

Couldn’t you just plotz from the cute?


Pattern: not yet available—see notes below
Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 in EQ (rainbow), 70g
Needles: US1.5/2.5mm Addi Turbos (has anyone noticed that this seems to be my needle size of choice?)
Notes: I won’t outline everything I did here, because I am writing up a pattern, however there are a handful of small details that probably won’t make it in: one, I wove every float. Every single float—any stretch more than two stitches. The logic for this was two-fold: first, I was worried about my tension, and second, I didn’t want anything to be potentially snag-able by little baby fingers. I think it worked well for the first point, and I suppose we’ll see about the second.


Two, I cut all but the front steek before grafting the shoulders. I can hear experienced knitters screaming out in horror, and yes, it did make the shoulder grafting a very fiddly and alarming process. However, thanks to my stupidity (or ingenuity, take your pick), I was able to fold the steeks under and graft them right into the shoulder. This made for a clean, invisible seam, both inside:


and out:


The third thing that probably will be rearranged for the pattern is the ribbing; I knit it all in one piece, with mitered corners, and while it came out nicely it was very annoying and getting the corners straight just once was frustrating enough. I’m not sure I could possibly manage to crunch the numbers and make the process clear to anyone else.


The fourth thing is more of a little trick rather than something that will be excluded from the pattern; I knit my buttons straight into the buttonband. This was kind of a whim that came along during knit night last night and I decided to try it. I’ll write up a proper tutorial when I fine-tune it, but suffice to say it makes button placement (at least for shank buttons) a snap—just thread them onto yarn and slide them down at the appropriate point, similar to beaded knitting. I’m still going to tack these buttons down with some extra yarn, because they’re a bit floppy and I don’t trust a single strand to hold them on in a baby garment, but I think with some further tests I may be able to devise a way to avoid any sewing of buttons at all.


I do think the buttons (from The Button Drawer) really make this vest, and were well worth the few days’ wait.

On Ravelry here.




  1. TheBon said,

    Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Michelle said,

    What an awesome vest!

  3. Jamie said,

    totally awesome. If could do any type of colorwork, I would be so excited that you are sharing the pattern! alas, i have never tried (this is intarsia?) to work with colors, other than self-striping socks, and one slip-stitch motif hand towel.

    I so loving the reference to Ganesh. I took my (then) 7 yo daughter to India a few years ago (4) and prior to the trip, we studied all of the major Hindu Gods, so I’ll show her this, she’ll appreciate it too!


  4. Benne said,

    That is fabulous, Jesh, and a real heirloom garment. Beautiful pattern and knitting.

  5. Kimberly from SBL said,

    LUVLUV that vest. The buttons totally make it. πŸ™‚

  6. Tsock Tsarina said,

    Plotzing right now. Loving the choice of name and buttons. Well done, you. πŸ™‚

  7. pdxknitterati said,

    Fabulous! And I love the idea of knitting the buttons on. Brilliant!

  8. Jana said,

    Love this sweater! How adorable.

  9. Cyd said,

    I have plotzed (is that the correct past tense?). It’s just adorable and lovely.

  10. (meg) kiss my style said,

    you are a flippin’ ninja – this is GORGEOUS!

  11. Lisa (42MainSt) said,

    That is absolutely darling! Nicely done. Looking forward to the pattern.

  12. bezzie said,

    LOVE it!!

  13. Knit Witch said,

    LOVE!!! Where is your love button?!?!?!

  14. Jo said,

    oh I lovelovelove it…and those buttons are so wow….me want some of those!

  15. turtlegirl76 said,

    That is so flippin’ cute!

  16. babycocktails said,

    this is gorgeous!!

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