6 April, 2009 at 11:44 am (FO, spinning)

Someone (rather insultingly, I think) asked me a while back if I even know how to spin. Since I never seem to have any yarn. Or any yarn in progress. Or anything to show for myself at all. At first I took offense, but then I thought about it and realized I had only spun six skeins of yarn in the ten months that I’ve been spinning. And, let’s face it, that’s kind of pathetic.

But now I can raise my total to seven skeins! Heh.


So I totally do spin—just not frequently. I’d estimate that (excluding this project) I spin for maybe an hour or two a week at most. And since I tend to spin fine yarns, that adds up to not a lot of finished skeins. But I think I will spin more now that I know I can turn out yarn I like. I just have to put my knitting down long enough to actually get to it!


3-ply merino sock yarn, 18wpi, 3.8oz and 440yds.



  1. preita said,

    your yarn is beautiful! Great job. 🙂 I really love this color of green with all the different flecks in it. What was the roving like?

  2. Jo said,

    simply beautiful spinning!

  3. saradippity said,

    It looks beautiful! And you know, if you had been spinning more she would have asked if you really know how to knit ;).

  4. Batty said,

    I love that green! It has almost a brownish halo that gives the color depth. And it’s so even.

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