Startitis: 1, Jesh: 0.

15 April, 2009 at 8:47 pm (knitting, life)

Went out to knit night last night and could not resist the call of the wild new project, even though my spring socks aren’t finished and I have a million other things to get to.
But come on, handspun + Cookie A socks? Who could restrain themselves?

A word of warning if you have a copy of Sock Innovation—the row numbers do not quite line up on some (not all!) of the charts.

I emailed Cookie about it (and she Interweave), and while she was helpful, they were not. Essentially they said, it’s just the font, it works if you hold a ruler up to it, we ain’t fixin’ it. Which is a disappointing answer, to say the least—but I’ve penciled in the numbers at the correct positions so I won’t have to worry about it from here on in.

And on a happier note, the wonderfully shiny thing that my sock in progress is sitting on is my new/old macbook pro. New to me but I bought it used from a dear friend, who saved my butt by offering to sell it to me when my previous laptop kicked it. It’s got it’s quirks, but I do too, and so far we get along just fine. Hopefully we’ll have many happy years together!


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