24 May, 2009 at 6:18 pm (knitting, spinning, travel)

Okay, so Rhinebeck is always a good time, and MDSW was epic, but I gotta say, small sheep and wool shows are totally where it’s at. Space to move around? Win. Time to see it all and hang out in just one day? Win. Not feeling totally rushed to run hither and yon to this meetup and that fleece sale and those vendors and oh look it’s time to leave? Win.

Oh, this is a win too, to my utter shock and delight…

But, although I will admit that the ribbon was kind of a highlight of the trip, plenty of other awesome things occurred, like arriving in time to help Jen and Lisa make the booth look pretty:

Playing with Lisa’s wonderful wheel:
(which I was going to steal, but I’m not fast enough to outrun her even without a Saxony wheel slowing me down)

Kathe totally rocking both her Turkish Delight spindle and her new sweater:

Seeing a lovely wheel complete with gnome attachment:
(Dan and I have matching sunburn stripes on our hands and arms thanks to spinning in the sun for too long)

And of course, the sheep.

Plenty of loot to be had as well, including (but, ahem, not limited to) a tsock batt from the woman herself:
(which isn’t really a tsock batt as it will be turned into laceweight, but tlace batt just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

And a big chunk of fiber that should look familiar…

As I bought the same thing at Rhinebeck.

Here’s hoping that one pound is enough for a sweater! (Or that someone reading can tell me who the hell makes it, as the vendor didn’t know and didn’t have anymore. It’s corriedale top, mostly blue with various heathery yellow, green, and red threads through it.)



  1. Sharon said,

    Yay! Sounds like you had an awesome time! Love the fibah, btw

  2. Kimberly from SBL said,

    Awesome day you went! I wish I saw you today. But you scooped up some gorgeous stuff! =:8

  3. saradippity said,

    A ribbon? Dude! I’d be bragging for the rest of my life! Congrats!

  4. Tsock Tsarina said,

    Mazel tov again on your ribboning! I think the Jeshalope deserved one too, but I guess I shouldn’t be greedy on your behalf.

    Also, pictures are totally full of awesomesauce. Great shot of the booth – and I’m so glad you got a good one of the batt, as I was chock-full of fail in that department. Had meant to photograph all of them before handover but was slightly distracted by the, um, mattress dance, I guess.

  5. Tsock Tsarina said,

    ETA: Wot, no pictures of the evening carousal?

  6. Your Father said,

    So what’s next? The Maine Fiber Frolic? The Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival? The Australian Sheep & Wool Show? (Ah, Bendigo in the winter; you can keep Paris in the spring.)

  7. The Tsarina Tsays… » Blog Archive » Life in the Slow Lane said,

    […] on other people’s reportage – by way of appetizer you can feast your eyes on the blog of A Certain Overachiever, as well as some great pictures on Kathe’s Flickr […]

  8. gnomespun said,

    Awesome! I saw the Ganesh after you’d left, it’s gorgeous!

  9. licraftgal said,

    Oh a blue ribbon for that lovely sweater Yea!!! It is well deserved, I have seen that sweater in person and its wonderful.
    Oh the blue fiber, looks alot like my wildberry which came from coppermoose. If I am not mistaken its an Ashland Bay fiber.

  10. Denise D. said,

    Jesh, wow, congrats on your ribbon!!!! that is awesome. So glad you had a wonderful time:)

  11. Ba said,

    The roving sure looks like an Ashland Bay fiber…

    Congrats on the ribbon!

  12. Cathy-Cate said,

    Wisconsin Sheep & Wool IS small but fun, just sayin’!! Even if *Your Father* had tongue firmly in cheek!

    It was great fun to drive up with you, and the navigation and company was much appreciated! Ganesh is even more awesome up close and personal; that blue ribbon was well deserved. What a great picture of the little 4-H girl!

    Who knows when I’ll get a blog post up, sigh. Work is insane today. I’m still there, taking a quick break.
    (Back to my post now.)

  13. The Tsarina Tsays… » Blog Archive » Yestermonth said,

    […] is true of the other “Painting on Velvet” batts I made for Jesh and Cathy-Cate. (Jesh blogged hers, actually. And I think Dan did the same with his.) That’s part of what I needed the darker […]

  14. The Tsarina Tsays… said,

    […] is true of the other “Painting on Velvet” batts I made for Jesh and Cathy-Cate. (Jesh blogged hers, actually. And I think Dan did the same with his.) That’s part of what I needed the darker […]

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