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16 June, 2009 at 12:06 pm (life, spindles)

No, not the yarn for the elephant. But fortunately the baby decided not to wait for his toys to be finished…

Kyan Andrew was born yesterday at 5:35am, ten fingers, ten toes, all cute. Good job, kid. Keep it up and you may just earn yourself an elephant.

In non-baby news! You all have seen this before but now you get to see it with my face—Yarn Forward, Issue 14, page 32 (also on page 13 with a teenier picture and a blurb):
yarnforwardbigfeature (by jesh\)

In honor of both of these events, there is free shipping in the shop from now until Thursday! Anywhere in the world. I’ll even ship to the moon, although I bet it’s hard to spin with low gravity. Go shop!



  1. Rosi G. said,

    YAY!! Congrats babe!! All your hard work deserves it!

  2. Enid Shaw said,

    he is adorable!!!!!!

    congrats to the parents

  3. RedScot said,

    WHat a cutie! I totally understand your need to make things for this little guy! And I love that you’re getting famouser and famouser! (And that I was one of the first people to buy a Jeshy spindle last Summer!)


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