23 June, 2009 at 6:22 pm (knitting, spinning)

The Tour de Fleece is rapidly approaching and I’m totally playing this year. Not entirely sure what my challenge will be, other than spinning every day, although I seem to have gotten sucked in (pun totally intended) to Team Suck Less, in which a bunch of spinners more awesome than I will attempt to spin a mile of yarn in one day. I’ll be lucky if I manage half that.

So, of course, just like the cyclists, I need to train.
tdftraining (by jesh\)
This is a 70/15/15 merino/silk/cashmere blend that’s an absolute dream to spin, but unfortunately with it I’ve discovered that I spin very slowly. Right now I can manage about 75 yards in an hour, which, for those of you reaching for your calculators, would mean 23.5 hours of spinning to reach a mile—so technically I *could* do it in one calendar day, but spinning for nearly 24 hours straight sounds rather unhappy-making.

Clearly I need much more practice over the next week and a half. Sorry, big pile of half knitted socks. I’ll get back to you eventually, I promise.
sockwips (by jesh\)



  1. nestra said,

    I’m doing it for the first time too! My goal is to get at least half of a fleece spun.

    The whole mile in one day thing- CRAZYTOWN! I’ll be cheering for you though.

  2. trillian42 said,




    That merino/silk/cashmere is GORGEOUS!!! Waaaaaant.

    And I’ve debated doing the Tour this year, but I failed miserably last year. STILL haven’t finished spinning what I was working on for last year’s.

  3. cj said,

    oooh, chickie i guess you won’t be doing this on Sn’B night!!

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