9 July, 2009 at 7:11 pm (knitting)

DSCN9289 (by jesh\)

So I set aside all spinning in favor of this test knit, so that I might have a chance of finishing it in three weeks. And I got through almost five inches in three days! That’s not terrible, right? Well, okay, it is, but it gets worse—after I stop and have a look I notice that it seems… awfully small. Sure enough, my gauge has changed. And I’m not talking the tiny shift of a quarter stitch per inch or something that might be fixed with a good blocking. I’m talking, well…

DSCN9291 (by jesh\)

See how neatly that pattern repeat fits into the 2″ window? That’s great! Except that the pattern repeat should be 2.75″.

As far as I can see I have two options at this point: option one is to soldier on and hope that blocking really does take care of it, which it might—I do remember my swatch expanding slightly after washing, and the pattern itself is pretty stretchy. Option two is to go out tomorrow morning and buy the next needle size up (because of course I don’t have the next needle size up already, that would be useful), rip out (sob) three days’ worth of work and start again. I suppose option three would be to go two needle sizes up (which I do have on hand), but I think that might be a bit too far. And still with the ripping.

Sigh. It’s been one of those weeks. (I won’t even get into the wheel drama. Yes, it’s coming. It may take longer than expected, however.)



  1. SylverX said,

    I’m not sure you can block that and get the extra .75 * pattern repeats you need. I’d suggest gong up a needle size.
    I’m sorry! But look at the bright side; you can check for errors, or you can get more knitting in. 😀

  2. SylverX said,

    The above smiley scares me.

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