26 July, 2009 at 6:38 pm (spinning)

You know how sometimes you wait and you wait and you wait and you wait for something, and all of that anticipation building up makes you really want the thing even more and so you paint this picture of the thing in your mind and it’s the most perfect thing in the world if only it would get here and then when it actually does get there it’s not nearly as awesome as you’d thought because nothing could be as good as what you’d pictured in your head?

wheel01 (by jesh\)
That is so not the case, this time. I love this wheel.

It still needs a good cleaning (the bobbin gave me a good freak out when I had to put some serious effort into getting un-stuck), but I had to put it together and show it off, since I know most of you have been waiting just as impatiently as I have. My favorite part at the moment is the flyer—
flyer (by jesh\)
the smooth, rounded whorls and neat, tiny hooks make me totally happy.

flyerbobbindetail (by jesh\)
And the pretty carved details are mirrored on the bobbin. I wasn’t expecting that at all! (I was expecting the little groove on the flyer from the yarn passing over it. Best thing ever.)

This is neat too:
uprightscrews (by jesh\)
Rather than retaining pegs or similar on the uprights to hold the wheel into place, the wheel is dropped down and then decorative wooden screws are put in above them.

Really I think the only problem with it is…
glitter (by jesh\)
the bright green glitter (!?) over most of the surfaces and stuck in a few places. Cleaning and use should make that fall right off, though.

(Actually, now that I’ve gone and actually cleaned and oiled it, the glitter isn’t a problem, but the absolute lack of takeup is. Sticky bobbin is sticky. Still, hopefully with some steel wool on the flyer shaft and a healthy dose of mineral oil, it’ll be spinning again shortly.)



  1. Robin said,

    it looks so AWESOME!! I love the flyer 😀

  2. trillian42 said,

    It’s a beautiful wheel! Yay!

  3. fiberfiend6891 said,

    What a gorgeous vintage wheel! And you certainly sound like you know what you’re doing in terms of care, so I’ll spare you the advice. 😉

  4. cleo said,

    love love lovelovelove

  5. Anne said,

    Beautiful! I am totally enamored of the pretty carved/incised lines on the flyer. Here’s hoping to many more hours of spinning time in it’s life!

  6. Loopykd said,

    Wow, Jesh, it’s really beautiful. I love it and I think the glitter is a non-issue. Just keep working with it and everything will come together.

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