12 August, 2009 at 6:22 pm (knitting, spinning)

I am not entirely sure what this word means, having encountered it so infrequently in my life, but now that it’s here I would like it to stick around.

travelingwheel (by jesh\)
Last night I took the wheel out for a night on the town er, a get together with my local fiber group. We must’ve looked pretty ridiculous to the muggles, with three barefooted spinners and their wheels in amongst the usual knitting, crocheting, and spindling crowd, but no one said anything to us. Maybe we were too scary looking!

hillaryandthekiwi (by jesh\)
This is Hillary(‘s feet) and her brand new, literally put it together just before coming to the coffeeshop, Kiwi. I didn’t initially teach her to spin but I’d like to think that her wheel-buying was partially my fault due to my help and enabling, so I haz a proud.

And I managed to get quite a bit of spinning accomplished myself, working through more than half of the third ply for my self-striping sock yarn.
halffullbobbin (by jesh\)

Plus Laura came through with an (ultra-fast!) solution to the yoke problems and I’m back on track with the test knitting.
honeybeeyoke (by jesh\)

Maybe if I’m lucky I can finish it tonight!


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  1. colorlessblue said,

    I can’t believe you’re test knitting that cardigan! It’s one of the prettiest patterns I’ve seen in recent times.

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