Home Again

19 August, 2009 at 3:26 pm (knitting, travel)

I spent a few days longer than originally intended in the city and finally came home yesterday afternoon. The trip was a lot of fun, although I’m glad to be back in Jersey where it is slightly cooler and definitely more air conditioned. But I got to see a lot of neat stuff—
Unisphere (by jesh\)

new york panorama (by jesh\)

spinandthewillamettemeteor (by jesh\)

And we played some outdoor scrabble.
pleurisy (by jesh\)
(Couldn’t find an S to build off of, had to play ‘purely’ instead.)

I tried to get some (air conditioned!) pictures of the honeybee cardigan, but for whatever ridiculous reason wore a black tank top underneath it, so I’ll have to re-shoot later in the week.
honeybeecardigan01 (by jesh\)
Still, the cardigan is so comfortable I really don’t mind. I just wish it were cool enough to wear it all the time!

And some knitting was accomplished, despite the heat.
rickleg (by jesh\)


1 Comment

  1. Batty said,

    Even with the black tank, I can tell it fits you beautifully. Great job!

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