22 August, 2009 at 11:04 pm (caturday, FO, spinning)

selfstriping1 (by jesh\)

Every time I finish a skein of yarn I tell myself that I’m going to be more productive and spin more often and have more skeins to show for my efforts. And yet it never happens. I think at this point I just need to be satisfied with the fact that I can spin pretty, fairly even yarns… when I actually get around to it.

victory (by jesh\)
This one didn’t turn out precisely as I intended; I was hoping for the stripes to line up a little better and be more distinct. As it is, the striping should be rather Trekking-esque, tweedy and marled and shifting. It’s also fairly evident that this was my first yarn off of this wheel, but spinning it definitely helped me settle into the groove of spinning on an antique, figuring out the tricks and quirks of making it run smoothly. And, I totally crammed all four ounces of plied yarn onto that bobbin. So I win.

selfstripingcloseup (by jesh\)
Three-ply merino sock yarn, 22wpi, 500yds in 4oz.

Oolong’s too busy chasing bugs around the house to notice that I have string.
oolong8809 (by jesh\)


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  1. colorlessblue said,

    I like it marled.

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