Tsomething Tsocky

29 August, 2009 at 9:50 am (knitting)

I picked up a tsock kit last year at Rhinebeck, promising myself that I’d be allowed to buy a new one this year if I could work through it by that time.

Hey, did you know that Rhinebeck is a mere seven weeks away? Yeah, I was shocked too.

kitribeforeoverlay (by jesh\)
Fortunately this tsock tseems pretty tstraightforward, so far—I cast on for ’em on Thursday night and have already completed the first one. There were a few uncorrected errata issues, but Lisa is both awesome and fast at answering those types of questions so I had a fix within hours of running into the problem (and it probably would’ve been faster if it hadn’t come up in the middle of the night.) Other than that my biggest quibble is the fit, but I think a good blocking will solve that; mostly the leg portion is too wide, being written for a 9″ foot/ankle when mine are only 8″. I compensated for it on the foot by making it a little short, so that it stretches vertically and becomes narrower, but there’s not much to be done for it on the leg. Maybe if I’d thought about it I could’ve cast on fewer stitches and increased after the ribbing, but I didn’t. Oh well!

Now I’ve just got to knit the beaded (eek) lace overlay and then work up the second one, but I think I’ll pop this in a bath first and make sure I can actually make it fit. Actually, I wonder if I could frog the ribbing from the provisional cast on and re-do it that way…

*edit* Silly me, it’s Caturday!
new foster cat (by jesh\)
This little guy is such a sweetheart—loves to cuddle up and have his ears rubbed.



  1. afrognamedpurl said,

    wow. those socks look spectacular. hope you work out the fit issue. ::pets the kitty::

  2. mary said,

    Nice! Which pattern is it?

  3. gwynivar said,

    7 weeks. uh-huh, and thank you SO much for mentioning that little tidbit.
    Sock looks loverly, by the way.
    and also… 7 weeks until Rhinebeck means 7 weeks until PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!

  4. Tsock Tsarina said,

    Yo, doll-face, why didn’t you ask me about that while you were at it, hmmmmm? There’s a simple solution for the foot – use fewer stitches for the sole, so the patterning wraps around a little. If it’s really an issue on the ankle, though… I think I could come up with a way to sneak out another coupla stitches per pattern rep. It’d just mean scrunching the fans a leetle closer together, but it could be done.

    If there’s demand for a smaller size, I wanna KNOW about it.

    Tsock looks awful good though, I must say,

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