Fall Cleaning

5 September, 2009 at 10:30 am (caturday, spinning)

You all remember my wheel, right? Dark, pretty thing that I’m in love with?
wheel01 (by jesh\)

I gave her a bit of a makeover.
cleanwheel (by jesh\)

Turns out all that lovely but splotchy color was the result of 150 years’ worth of dirt getting caught in the shellac. Say it with me now: eeeeew. So, armed with no more than some denatured alcohol and a toothbrush, and guided by the wise words of the women in the antique wheel and CPW groups on Ravelry, I took the thing outside and scrubbed. And scrubbed. And then… I scrubbed. Have I mentioned the scrubbing? I finally de-crudded the flyer:
halfcleanflyer (by jesh\)

And cleaning the drive wheel brought out a gorgeous grain—not enough to narrow down what type of wood this is, but hopefully I’ll be able to find out eventually.
wheelgrain (by jesh\)

Kitty Carlisle even got in on the cleaning action.
helpercat (by jesh\)

Now I’ve just got to refinish her with some tung oil, and she’ll be ready to travel with me down to Garden State Sheep and Wool next week.



  1. Tikabelle said,

    Oh, wow. She’s lovely! You just can’t buy that kind of antique woodwork like I can see in the last picture. Nicely done! What a beauty.

  2. phoenix said,

    Nicely done! You know you did good when the cat approves too.

  3. saradippity said,

    Wow, what a difference! She looks so happy and bright now!

  4. pdxknitterati said,

    Beautiful! I would not have guessed that was under there.

  5. kitkatknit said,

    I’ll be smiling all day –> you named your cat Kitty Carlisle. To tell the truth (get it? Get it???) I’ll be grinning all day at that one!

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