7 September, 2009 at 3:20 pm (FO, knitting, spinning)

Turns out the two coats of oil took less time than expected; I had to spread it out over two days but each took just twenty minutes. And now I have a shiny, happy wheel!

refinishedwheel (by jesh\)

If anyone with an antique wheel is reading this, I highly, highly recommend looking into refinishing if your wheel has a shellac coating. It is well worth the effort, and I think my wheel will run better for being clean.

While I was at it, I also finished up some other stuff; I whipped through the foot on my handspun Bex socks:
handspunbex (by jesh\)
(Bex by Cookie A, US1.5/2.5mm circs, 400 yards of handspun 3-ply merino, on Ravelry here)

And spent a few hours on a simple but gorgeous cowl.
goldentulipcowlflat (by jesh\)
(Golden Tulip Cowl by Saccade Elyse, US10/6mm circs, one skein of Plymouth Mulberry Merino, on Ravelry here)

I also had the opportunity to put the lace overlay on the cuff of my first Kitri sock!
firstkitrifinished (by jesh\)

I gotta say that it’s one of the best things ever. I love doing knitted on lace borders like that anyway, but when it’s such a small size it’s just enough to be interesting, unlike on a shawl where you’re sick of it by the end. And the beads, although slightly fiddly at first, end up being a really fun way to spice up a simple lace pattern. I’ll start the second one soon and have full notes when I finish the pair!



  1. gnomespun said,

    Wow. That is one *pretty* wheel. Beautiful!

  2. Tikabelle said,

    Holy cow, your wheel looks so shiny and happy! How gorgeous! Is it really that beautiful burnt orange color? I’m so jealous! My cherry wheel will look like that in a few decades, after the wood oxidizes a bit. So pretty.

    Also, nice knitting. 😀

  3. Jana said,

    (aka StochasticCrab or Strigophilia)

    Those socks look like they ought to be made from a repurposed lampshade in a mining camp saloon circa 1800 or so. In a good way. If you know what I mean. I love them and I would feel like I was wearing a madam’s costume on my feet at all times.

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