14 September, 2009 at 8:32 am (life)

It’s my birthday and I don’t even have any pictures to show for it. Have a sheep instead.

ram (by jesh\)

Aaaaah, baaaaah.



  1. Aitara said,

    Happy Happy Birthday, dear Jesh!

  2. orata said,

    Happy birthday! Is that a Jacob?

  3. Joan said,

    Happy Birthday Jesh!

  4. licraftgal said,

    Happy Birthday Jesh!! Nice sheep.

  5. florapie said,

    Happy Birthday Birthday Buddy! You, me and Mitttenfarce-must be something about Sept. 14 and knitters!

  6. Tsock Tsarina said,

    YAY! Birthday! Here, go have a beer, on me… oh wait, no, don’t. Have something grainless.

  7. trillian42 said,

    Happy birthday! Now you can try an Oatmeal Cookie next time you come visit. 😉

  8. Ellen said,


    ❤ your almost practically sister ❤

  9. saradippity said,

    Happy birthday! Does the sheep get a beer?

  10. LittleWit said,

    Happy Birthday!

  11. nonstopknitter said,


    Hippo birdy two ewes, hippo birdy TWO EWES!
    Hippo Birdy, Hippo BIRDY!!!!
    Hippo birdy two ewes . . . and many more . . . .

  12. etcgirl said,

    Despite the fact that I was a blushing bride of only three weeks duration at the time you were born, I still wish you the happiest of birthdays without a trace of bitterness. 😉

  13. Ajastoy said,

    Happy Birthday lady! Sorry I didnt get a chance to see you at Garden State S&W,, I had really wanted to get out there this weekend. Well I’ll get that chance again in a few weeks at Rhinebeck! Love the Jacob!!!

  14. Batty said,

    Happy late birthday! That is some sheep.

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