26 September, 2009 at 5:47 pm (caturday, FO, knitting)

kitrifo2 (by jesh\)
I cannot fathom ever being able to wear these socks; I suspect they’ll live out their lives in a nice tshadowbox, where they will be safe from the cruel world of shoes and sweat and dirt and carpets and cats1 that might chew on them at every opportunity. These socks are too pretty for that fate.

The pattern was a surprisingly straightforward knit! Not that you’d know by A) looking at it or B) how long it took me to do. But, really, thanks to the chatty instructions (which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows the designer) and easily memorized stitch patterns, I could’ve easily knit these within a week if I hadn’t had other interruptions and delays. There is one minor mistake in the pattern: row 9 of the three-quarter fan stitch should be worked per the written instructions, rather than the charted ones, and row 10 should have six stitches on each side of the fan, rather than five and seven. I believe all future kits will include this fix, though.

kitrifo1 (by jesh\)

Pattern: Kitri by Lisa Grossman AKA the Tsock Tsarina
Yarn:Jennifer’s FlockSock by Holiday Yarns in Crimson Rioja
Needles: US0/2mm and US1.5/2.5mm
Mods: I changed a bunch of tiny things, some of which I would probably change again and some of which were stupid mistakes that I had to make more changes to fix. Change #1 was to knit only five fan repeats on the leg, because I don’t like my socks to be too long and I shorten most sock patterns just out of habit. But my doing this caused the ribbing to hit at a point where it was a little too loose, so the leg wasn’t staying on a snug as I like, so I had to rip out the ribbing and re-do it on US0 needles.

My second change was to switch the toe from a wedge toe (decreases every other round ’til the end) to a round toe (decreases every other round ’til half the stitches are gone, then decreases every round ’til the end.) So, I knit the patterned toe as instructed until round 12, at which point I decreased every round on the sole, and skipped rows 13, 14, 17, and 18 from the toe chart.

My last little modification was to replace the last row of the lace overlay with the grafting row, for a more seamless look. I worked the beaded picot as usual, but then slid the stitch back to the left needle, broke the yarn, and grafted, making sure to graft the beaded stitch purlwise.

On Ravelry here.

1: one of the cats in question—
tuxedokitten (by jesh\)
Silly little thing is all over the place.



  1. Lisa (42MainSt) said,

    Beautiful socks — and I love the kitty picture! You really captured the cat’s personality in that shot.

  2. Jeanne said,

    Those are gorgeous socks!

    Very cute kitty too…

  3. Tsock Tsarina said,

    Oh, you’ll wear them all right. I wore mine to my 50th birthday party; you don’t get to wait that long. I’d better see them at Rhinebeck, or else.

    Glad you said that about making them shorter – I *thought* they were. Lately I have to say I’m preferring a round toe myself, or a short-row toe grafted underneath. (OTOH I do remember having fun making the lace pattern create the wedge shaping on that one.)

    And yes, thanks to your help we finally got that error nailed and onto the errata page, and the corrected edition goes to print this week, in time for Rhinebeck.

    Also, you’re KILLING me with the kittens. Killing.Me.

  4. Amy P said,

    Those socks are really beautiful. The kitten ain’t bad, either!

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