29 September, 2009 at 7:16 am (knitting)

Some of you may recall that, in late April, with merely three days to go before MDS&W, I challenged myself to knit, wash, block, and wear a Hyrna Herborgar. Apparently I like knitting things on a serious deadline.

viviansleevesandhem (by jesh\)

I’m giving myself three weeks this time (I started Saturday morning), but then, Vivian is a lot bigger than Hyrna… and I still have to prep forty spindles for sale as well. Currently taking bets on whether I will finish in a blaze of glory or crash and burn spectacularly. Also taking bets on whether or not I can squeeze the whole thing (sans hood) out of only 7 skeins of Cascade 220. If not… there may be tears.



  1. Amy P said,

    Don’t mean to scare you but that’s a whole lotta knitting! Pretty sleeves, though!

  2. bams said,

    I just finished mine! I have two things to say. There’s errata in line 128 (which you repeat a bunch of times) so if you don’t have the corrected version, it might save you a lot of time to know that now! Sadly, I didn’t find out until I had to frog 30 rows of yoke, but you live, you learn, you get a fabulous sweater too!

    Oh and the 7 skeins – I don’t know what size you’re making, but on mine which was a large, I could have made it with seven skeins if I knitted it without a hood, so I think you’re gonna make it (knock wood right?)

  3. Jeanne said,

    Wow – that’s a gorgeous sweater! I love the yarn you picked for it…..

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