8 October, 2009 at 11:11 am (knitting, spindles)

Eight days left and I’ve entered that point where mentally, I know I’m ahead of (or, at the very least, on) schedule, but emotionally, I’m in panic mode. What if I forget (insert important object here)? What if it’s cold? What if it rains? What if I’m not bringing enough spindles?
40spindles (by jesh\)
What if I’m bringing too many spindles? (I know, I know. There’s no such thing as too many. But what if?)

Obviously the only way to de-stress is to…
pomatomusgusset (by jesh\)
start a new knitting project.



  1. Andrea said,

    well, I know one person (ahem. me) who will gladly take one of those off your hands at Rhinebeck!

  2. Lynn said,

    Umm, there are lots more holes in that wire unit, in case you haven’t noticed.

    And I may have to succumb to my first Jesh spindle at Rhinebeck, just to warn you.

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