Triumphant Return

3 November, 2009 at 7:59 am (knitting, spinning)

Well, sort of. I’ve still got the sniffles and my schedule’s all upside down, but finally I’ve been able to get back to my usual knitting, spinning self. I polished off a pair of fishes—
knittybe'spomatomi (by jesh\)
(with apologies for the ridiculous photo, but if you think it’s hard to get pictures of your own feet, try doing it with a screen that you can’t see, and thus a timer that you can’t set.)

I have to say, although the pattern (Pomatomus) is still a favorite of mine, I don’t know that I’ll be using this yarn again. The feel of it was great, soft and smooth, but I can’t believe the inconsistency in the color. I mean, I understand that there can be differences between skeins of handpainted yarn, even within the same dyelot, but these two socks came from the same skein and the second sock is far less saturated than the first. Maybe if I’m lucky some of the dye will come out of the first sock when I wash ’em, we’ll see. They’re on Ravelry here.

I’ve been spinning like crazy, as well; since all of my Rhinebeck purchases were fiber rather than yarn, there’s now a big imbalance issue in my stash, which I aim to correct by cranking out the yarn.
handspunsingles (by jesh\)
You’ll note I’ve been spinning, not so much with the plying. Since this is just a stash building exercise and I’m not in a rush to actually use any of this, I figured it would be better to spin for a while and then spend a day or two in the future plying up a whole mess of handspun. The two bobbins on the left will become a heavy laceweight, and the three on the right will be what’s fast becoming my usual light fingering weight. I’ve got more laceweight on the wheel now, as well as a couple of spindle projects, but I’m setting it all aside for a week or so in favor of…
bunchedupshawl (by jesh\)
a quick sample knit! More details on this later. :)



  1. Ida said,

    I love the socks. I’ve not made that pattern yet. May have to change that

  2. florapie said,

    My FA pomatomi (is that the plural???) are fraternal too. But the numminess of the Casbah might make up for it!

  3. Abby said,

    I still need to get you those pictures off of Jenna’s camera. I’ll have her bring her camera to work tomorrow so I can get the pictures on my computer.

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