Thursdays Are for Spinning

3 December, 2009 at 9:29 pm (spinning)

Okay, it’s actually more a case of I have nothing I can knit right now, so I might as well be spinning. But still.

I’ve discovered recently that I’m a pretty monogamous knitter; I pick a project, cast on, and don’t work on anything else but that project until I get it done. It helps that I can finish things quickly, because it leaves me little time to be bored before switching to something new. I am not a monogamous spinner. At all. So when I’m focused on the knitting, I do nothing but knitting and my poor wheel and spindles get a bit neglected. When I have no knitting, well…

cormo (by jesh\)
First up, I’ve got some cormo on the wheel, happy, bouncy, springy cormo. I love this stuff. It’s destined for a three-ply fingering weight that I’m going to have to do something awesome with—it’s too nice to put on my feet, but brown isn’t really a good color for a scarf or cowl or hat for me. Maybe a nice pair of gloves are in order.

abbybattwip (by jesh\)
Next is one of the Abbybatts I picked up at Rhinebeck, and hoo boy is it good stuff. I don’t think my spinning has ever been this even or this effortless—it just flows out of the fiber and onto the spindle. This’ll be a two-ply laceweight when it’s done, hopefully with enough yardage for a light, airy scarf.

angorabattwip (by jesh\)
And this. This is an angora/merino/silk blend that has been nothing but trouble. When I first tried to spin it, it was in batt form, but the batt was pretty compressed and wouldn’t draft easily at all. So I recarded half of it on my hand carders and then pulled it into a strip of roving. Now it’s mostly behaving, except I think I need a zippier spindle for it; the one it’s on now is very light but a little slow thanks to the huge whorl size. I’m thinking it would be much happier on one of my tiny glass flower spindles, or perhaps on a polymer clay rose, but we’ll see. I have so much other spinning to work on before I have to decide!


1 Comment

  1. Bams said,

    Oh wow that is some really beautiful spinning. I love me some cormo, and agree it’s too nice for your feet!

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