Little Red Riding Bag

19 July, 2008 at 11:58 am (caturday, crochet!?, FO)

This is all Cristi’s fault. She posted a third version of her lovely crocheted market bag, I said that I wanted to make one but was suffering from an all wool stash, when the pattern calls for cotton.

So she says, why not just make one in wool then?



I made it a bit wider and shorter than the pattern, and shortened the handles a fair bit, which I’m glad I did because I managed the whole thing in one skein of Cascade 220, with this much yarn left over:

And it’ll be a perfect gift to my mum so she can haul her library books around.

Pattern: Cristi’s crochet market bag. I’m too lazy to find a link—check Ravelry or her blog linked above.
Yarn: Cascade 220, one skein.
Hook: 6mm/J, which is still the only crochet hook I own. I should amend that.
Rav page over this way.

The cats are SO unimpressed with my crochet skillz, although they both gave the bag a good sniffing/scent marking. Kitty is currently too busy pretending that she’s in a tropical paradise to care about anything, though.

(Some quick administrivia: I can now be found on Plurk, and I’m putting more stuff in my etsy store today, including some origami star stitch markers.)

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What’s all this, then?

14 July, 2008 at 5:59 am (crochet!?)

Way, way back when I first started knitting, I also tried a bit of crocheting, since at that point I wasn’t too clear on the difference between the two. Turns out the difference was that knitting clicked for me, and crocheting did not. So I put down the hook and picked up the needles and all was well.

Except I had to look up some crochet instructions the other day (for purposes that will remain secret until later in the week) and all of a sudden got the urge.

The urge for granny squares.

I meant to post about said squares early yesterday; problem is, they go so quickly that I took a picture of the first one, and before I could even get it uploaded, I had four more. So I took a picture of those, but before I could get this post written, another two had shown up. And then another. And now I have ten eleven.

Of course, by my reckoning, I’ll need 100 6″x6″ squares if I want a 5’x5′ blanket. So… I’d better get to it. And I’d better scrounge up some more sock yarn scraps.

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